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Ghost Hunt

  Click the link below for Ghost Hunt info. If you have questions or need more information, please feel free to contact us through the Contact form at the bottom of the website or email us at [email protected] Ghost Hunts are by appointment only and must have a completed contract, which you can download from our Services page. Please Note: Before setting up a date, The Castle amenities include inside/outside electricity and portolets for bathrooms, and a maximum of 40 parking spots.


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Here at Loveland Castle there are so many things to do and places to explore when you visit. From a quite walk down the pathways of the gardens exploring the various plants and flowers to a family picnic by the river. Below is a list of just a few of the activities offered at the castle. There is never a moment of boredom when you visit us.

Learn about Harry .

Upon seeing the Castle for the first time, most people exclaim "One guy did this?!?" Then they ask who this guy was! Spread throughout is info about Harry and his Castle. If you are really lucky maybe a Knight that knew Harry will be there.

Picnicking .

Imagine being on the banks of a wide gentle river. Shade trees everywhere. Or atop an arched tower overlooking the river. For more privacy maybe a bench nestled in the gardens. There are spots all around the Castle for great picnics. There are also tables of the picnicking variety.

Games and Puzzles .

Harry made chess and checker sets for people to play with. The originals are on display, but fine duplicates are ready to go! There are also puzzles to test the most stout of minds. Just remember the rules.... Winners get to reset the game for the next players. Losers and those who fail to put the puzzles back together have to go to the creek and get a rock!

Ghosts .

If you believe in ghosts...the Castle has them! If you don't...fine, be that way! Either way, you will find pictures of the Castle's ghosts and ghost stories galore at the Castle! Not to mention you can read a few of our Knights ghost stories right here on the website follow the link at the top.

Architecture .

Harry featured three distinctive styles of architecture. German, French and English. Four types of towers. A gigantic wall that has almost as many stones in it as the Castle itself. Harry's domed ceiling. A Dry-moat. Hand Tiled ceilings. Murder Holes, Stoop doors and lots more!

Swords and Weapons .

The Castle has a fine collection of period weaponry located throughout. We always have pieces on display. We have many different types of souvenirs that you will want to take home with you.

About Sir Harry And the KOGT


Harry Delos Andrews April 5th 1890 - April 16th 1981

Harry objected to modern warfare - killing at a distance. He preferred sword-to-sword medieval combat. He served as a medic in World War I, contracted spinal meningitis, and was declared dead in 1918. By the time that he was declared undead -- six months later -- his fiancé had married another man. Harry seemed not to have minded, he stayed in Europe, visiting castles. He veered away from women, period. Having more than 50 marriage proposals later in life, he turned all of them down!

Did You Know Harry....

  •   Drafted and served in the Army during WWI as a medic. He didn't object to war itself, he didn't like the weapons of modern warfare. So, Harry enlisted as a nurse.
  • Was the oldest living Notary Public in Ohio...and he never charged more than a quarter for his service.
  • Was a well published author, including a guide book he wrote at the bequest of the U.S. Immigration Department to aid those seeking citizenship. A copy of which is on display at the castle.
  • Graduated from Colgate University.
  • Also made the road you take down to the castle. Buses cannot make it down this road still today!
  • Grew vegetables year round in hotbeds of his own design. They were heated by railroad lanterns!
  • Hid his secret room in the garden. The entrance was one of the arches in the arch wall. It was only discovered after it collapsed from years of neglect...Even the knights didn't know it was there!
  • Had an amazing 189 I.Q.

All About the Knights of the Golden Trail

  The history of the Knights of the Golden Trail, KOGT, is almost as fascinating as the Castle itself. The castle actually can be considered an afterthought, incredible as that seems. In the early 1920s one of Harry Andrews's pet projects was his Sunday School / Boy Scout troop. He had a dozen or so boys that met regularly for Sunday School. One of their favorite things was camping. As it happened; years ago the Cincinnati Business Currier, a local newspaper, had a promotion to establish a greater subscription base. If a person paid for a 6 month subscription in full, they received a plot of land on the banks of the Little Miami River in Loveland Ohio. One of Harry's Sunday school pupils had parents that took advantage of the Business Currier's offer, and they sold the lots to Harry and his knights. Harry and his knights became regular visitors to the banks of the Little Miami. So much so that they took to leaving their gear at the campsite. But, between the elements, the wild animals and even people that stumbled upon their cache, their equipment constantly came out missing, damaged, or unusable. In 1928 the knights had over 100 members and decided they weren't going to be real knights because they didn't have a castle. Harry told them if they helped him fetch stone from the river that he would build them a real 10th-century style caste. Those boys started fetching rock, Harry bought the property in 1929 and started building on June 5th, 1929    

Castle Gardens

Castle Gardens Section



Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of the most asked questions about the Castle.
  • Question: Is it a real castle?
  • Answer: Yes, a thousand years ago when the Roman Empire occupied Britain they built hundreds of keeps just like Harry's. It is full scale, except for the Ballroom which is a 1/5 replica of the ballroom Harry used as a field hospital in WWI.
  • Question: How much does it cost to visit?
  • Answer: The cost is $5.00 per person and children 5 and under free.On "Special Events"  prices may vary.
  • Question: Are there tour guides?
  • Answer: No It is a self-guided tour. However, The Knight on duty may give you a brief history Of Sir Harry and or his Castle. Also, there is a 3 interview Video and a short Documentary Of Sir Harry's time in Boot Camp During WWI, which should answer most of your curiosities
  • Question: Is there food and drinks available at the Castle?
  • Answer: There are picnic tables, benches, walls, towers, gardens....picnic spots like you have never seen picnic spots! Bring your own food and drinks and take in all the vast beauty while you picnic here at the castle. If you're coming in a large group please make arrangements to take your garbage with you when leave.
  • Question: Are there restrooms at the Castle?
  • Answer: The Castle has 2 Portables at the south end of the parking lot.




      Wine Tasting


      Wine Tasting at the Historic Castle

      The fabulous Historic Loveland Castle gardens are the perfect backdrop for our wine tasting event.

      The Historic Loveland castle will be glowing with string lights and fire pits. Definitely, an experience that you will not want to miss. Enjoy 5 wonderful glasses of wine while overlooking the Little Miami River sitting in the fabulous Loveland Castle gardens. As usual, we will also provide an individual Charcuterie sampler for each person.

      Live entertainment by the very talented "Jeff Tucker" during the event tops off the evening. Let’s not forget the awesome wines that will be showcased.

      $50.00 per person (must be over 21 years of age to attend)

      Limited tickets available due to limited parking.

      Click on the link below to purchase your tickets.



      Drone Video by Rob MicMillan

      Loveland Castle Drone Vid

      Garden Party 2015